Gutters & Fascia

Steel Fascia (&Cover)

Steel Fascia System provides clean lines and the smart alternative for all new homes. Manufactured from Hi Tensile ZINCALUME® and prepainted COLORBOND® steel it will not warp, shrink or rot making it virtually maintenance free.


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Fascia Gutter

With clean square lines and large water carrying capacity, Fascia Gutter is perfect for applications where a more contemporary appearance is required. Fascia Gutter is available with optional overflow slots and manufactured from hi tensile steel to give it lasting strength.

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Steel Fascia Accessories

A complete range of components is available to compliment the Steel Fascia in addition to the versatile spring clip and overstrap system.'




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150 Quad Gutter Low Front

Classic standard Quad Gutter provides a large water carrying capacity and plain face. It is suitable for all traditional, colonial and new home installations.

An economical profile, it is great for matching existing gutters.

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150 Quad Gutter High Front

Hi Tensile 150 Hi Front Quad has recessed overflow slots allowing large water carrying capacity while hiding the end of roof sheets or roof tiles. It is perfect for use with our Steel Fascia system or timber fascias with the option of overstraps or concealed brackets.

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Half Round Gutter


A great looking profile which is increasingly popular on modern architecturally designed projects. Its wide 150mm diameter gives it huge water carrying capacity.

The use of feature external brackets makes a bold design statement.

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Roundline Gutter

Similar in appearance and dimensions to the Half Round Gutter but with a more flattened (straight) back. This allows the use of concealed brackets for more economical and faster installation.

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Rolltop Ridge

An attractive finish to your roof’s ridge line. Rolltop capping is available in the standard Bluescope colour range and cut to your specific requirements. Rolltop provides clean straight lines and is extremely strong.

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Gutter Accessories

We can supply an extensive range of accessories to complete your rainwater project and make installation a breeze.

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