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Ezi-Batten's Top Hat Battens feature a larger base metal thickness than standard Roofing Battens, which makes them ideal for industrial applications.

Getting Started


Our Top Hat Roof Battens feature a textured surface, which makes for easy installation and greater efficiency when fixing the cladding. The return edge on these battens provides safety and rigidity, so they last longer in even the toughest environments. They are available in stock lengths with mitred ends for easy installation at hips and valleys. Made from hi-tensile Australian steel, our Top Hat Roof Battens are strong, weather-proof, and durable. We offer a variety of sizes to fit any application.


We designed our Top Hat Battens to fit seamlessly into any industrial application. Enjoy easy installation for a variety of materials and sizes. Continue reading for installation specifications for your building materials.

Our Top Hat Roof Battens come in the following sizes:

  • * 61mm Top Hat Batten
  • * 96mm Top Hat Batten
  • * 125mm Top Hat Batten

Fasten the batten to every truss or rafter with a 12 x 40mm timber fixing screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange.


Fasten the batten to every truss or rafter with a M5.5 x 40mm batten zip (minimum fixing size) through each flange.

Roof Sheets

Fasten the roof sheets to the batten as per the roofing specifications.


Fix through the ridge capping into the roof batten using the appropriate screws.

Lapping Battens

To minimise cutting, lay the battens in one direction starting from one end of the roof. The overlap must be supported over a truss or rafter. The minimum overlap is 100mm.

Only The Highest Quality

At Ez-Batten, we pride ourselves on high quality materials that stand up to weather, use, and degradation. That’s why the longest standing steel roofs in Australia were secured by our materials. We source our steel from trusted Australian providers, so we can verify that everything is sized correctly. When it comes to your roofing supplies, trust only the experts at Ezi-Batten to deliver the best.

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