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When you need top quality, reliable ceiling / safety battens, Ezi-Batten has the right product for you.

Metal Ceiling/Safety Battens

Our Ceiling / Safety Battens are all made from strong and durable steel to keep your roof stable, control the movement in your rafters, and stop your ceiling plasterboard from cracking. For use on all types of domestic ceiling boards, our safety battens are lightweight, easy to install, and affordable.


  • * Made in Noosa from Australian steel for strength and durability
  • * Strong but light, and easy to cut to the right size
  • * High tensile steel 0.42 mm thick
  • * Supplied in 6100mm lengths and 25mm high profile
  • * Nest inside each other to make storage and transport easy
  • * A textured surface for greater grip and ease of installation
  • * Can be fixed to timber with 12×40 T17 screws at every support
  • * Can be fixed to steel using 40mm Batten Zips at every support
  • * Can be attached to plasterboard following manufacturer’s recommendations

Material Specifications

  • * BMT – 0.42BMT
  • * Yield Strength – 550MPa
  • * Coating Mass – 150g/m2
  • * Batten Mass – 0.35kg/m
  • * Maximum span (continuous over at least two spans) – 1200mm
  • * Maximum spacing – 600mm

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