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Ezi-Batten can supply custom made rainwater heads to suit your requirements. We supply rainwater heads in a range of different styles, with a variety of colours and materials available.

Ordering Rainwater Heads

As rainwater heads are all custom made, it is essential that you provide a drawing that includes the dimensions of the design you require. We need to know the width, height and length of your desired rainwater head along with any overflow requirements, including the size and placement of the overflow outlet. If you wish to include a fitted downpipe outlet, please also specify the size and placement of this outlet in your drawing.

Materials and Placement

Rainwater heads are usually placed between the gutter and downpipe and they are used to keep water away from the roof and prevent water damage from rainfall by channelling water flow into the downpipe. Rainwater heads are require for houses and building where there are internal box or trough gutters.

Ezi-Batten rainwater heads can be made in UniZinc®, UniCote® or Galvanised material as well as specialty metals such as Copper or 316 Grade 2B Stainless Steel for those special projects.

Please contact us on 07 5449 8765 or email admin@ezibatten.com to obtain a price for your required rainwater head.






Custom Tapered

Low Profile


Flat Bottom






Half Round

Quarter Round

U Shape

U Shape



Half Cylinder


Ned Kelly




Rainwater Heads and Accessories

Ezi-Batten is your instant solution whenever you want roofing products and accessories in the Sunshine Coast and beyond. We supply the roofing trade throughout the Sunshine Coast region and its surroundings with a complete spectrum of roofing, assembly components, and accessories of all kinds.

Rainwater Accessories for Roofing Professionals and DIY Needs

We have all the rainwater must-haves for roofing businesses. Our range of rainwater heads and accessories is designed to cover all roofing needs. Whether you need an entire rainwater assembly or need to restock on components, we have it all for you. Take a little time to see all our rainwater products. If you need a hand finding what you want, you can always ask our friendly team of experts to help sourcing your roofing products or need some useful advice about product selection.

Ordering with Ezi-Batten

It’s easy to order with us:

* To order and get pricing for your products, email us or call 07 5449 8765.

* Please be sure to ask for any additional product or purchasing information you require on our message form.

* When ordering, please clearly identify the specific products and quantities you need

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Ezi-Batten is the one stop shop for all types of roofing products on the Sunshine Coast. If you need a hand finding what you want or have questions about sourcing roofing supplies for your business, just call us on 07 5449 8765 or contact us online. Our team is here to help, so give us a call anytime.