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Ezi-Battens Fibreglass is transulcent sheeting that is very strong, waterproof and incredibly versatile.

Colour Range

Fibreglass Roofing Materials

Fibreglass is a roofing material similar to polycarbonate. It is translucent, lightweight, durable, and malleable. Despite being so lightweight, fibreglass roofing is very strong, waterproof and incredibly versatile.

Our Fibreglass Sheeting

Ezi-Battens fibreglass sheeting is available in a range of styles from corrugated roof sheets to five rib, klip lok 700 and span roofing profiles. All sheets can be custom-cut by Ezi-Batten to suit the requirements of your project.

Colour Options and More

Ezi-Battens fibreglass products are available in clear and opal. Other profiles and thicknesses are also available upon request.

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