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Ezi-Batten is the place to go for all your roofing products and accessories on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. If you’re looking for a full range of rainwater and guttering accessories, our range of top quality products has you covered.

Gutter Accessories for Roofing Professionals

Good guttering is a roof’s best protection. Ezi-Batten stocks the full range of guttering accessories for the roofing trade. Our range of gutter accessories products are the authentic, professional standard quality components you need.

These accessories include all the essentials for your guttering work, from brackets to stop ends and downpipe drops. Browse our selection and ask our team for any help or product advice you need.

Stop Ends

Ezi-Batten stocks quad stop ends and square-line stop ends for various types of gutters. All our stop ends are available in a range of UniCote® colours.

Concealed Brackets

These internal gutter brackets are suitable for a range of different guttering systems including quad, hi-front and square-line gutters.

Spike Brackets

Spike brackets, or drive-in spikes, are perfect for quad gutters. They are available in a range of UniCote® colours.

Stiffener Brackets

We provide stiffener brackets to attach your gutters to metal fascia. We also provide snap clips for your guttering needs.

Half Round Cast External Brackets

We provide half round cast external brackets for all of our half round gutters. From 150mm right through to 300mm sizes.

Overstrap Brackets

These galvanised external gutter brackets are ideal for 150 and 175 quad gutters.


We provide both quad corners and square-line corners in a range of UniCote® colours.

Return Ends

We provide return ends for both the left and right side of 150 quad and 175 quad gutters.

Patio Straps

These stiffening straps are used to hold your guttering in place. Patio straps can be used on any gutter that has a patio fold.

Round Downpipe Drops

Round downpipe drops are available in a range of sizes. Also referred to as nozzles, they are used to connect the guttering to the downpipe. If the size you need is not available online, please call us on 07 5449 8765 or email admin@ezibatten.com.

Sculptured Downpipe Drops

Sculptured downpipe drops are available in a range of sizes to suit our half round and flat back gutters. Request pricing or place an order – call us on 07 5449 8765 or email admin@ezibatten.com.

Square Downpipe Drops

Square downpipe drops are used to connect square guttering to the downpipe. Also known as nozzles, square downpipe drops are available in a range of sizes. To discuss a custom size, call 07 5449 8765 or email us on admin@ezibatten.com

Ordering with Ezi-Batten

Ordering from Ezi-Batten is very straightforward:

  • * For pricing requests and to make your order, use the contact form or give us a call!
  • * When making your order or requesting information, please clearly identify the relevant product(s) and specify quantities required for each product.

Whenever You Want Roofing, Ask Ezi-Batten

Ezi-Batten is your do-everything roofing supplier on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. We help professional roofers, roofing businesses and DIYers with all their roofing needs. If you’d like some help, or need to ask a few questions about our roofing products, call us on 07 5449 8765 or contact us online.

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Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries, assistance, or feedback. You can contact us directly at 07 5449 8765 and admin@ezibatten.com. We're here to help!