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Ezi Batten is a family owned manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of roll formed steel building products including battens, purlins, corrugated, roof accessories and more for commercial and domestic buildings.
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We Are Reputable Roofing Suppliers in South East Queensland

People often take the roofs of their property for granted, which is understandable since it’s one of the last items of concern in a building unless it sustains severe damage. However, it’s a crucial component that keeps the building occupants safe and comfortable, and it deserves more attention from builders and owners. Whether you’re a handyman who’s conducting roof repairs around the local neighbourhood or you’re in construction, you require quality roofing materials. With several roofing suppliers available, it’s difficult to identify a reliable source for the necessary products. At Ezi-Batten, we manufacture high-quality materials for roofing and guttering in various shapes and sizes.

What You Gain By Selecting Our Roof Materials

A significant number of roofing supplies are available to you, whether you’re constructing a roof on a new home or renovating an old one. Previously, only the commercial sector used metal for their roofing, but this has changed over recent years since more people recognise the benefits of using this material for their roofing.

  • The demands of building owners, whether commercial or residential, vary, which means there’s no one-size-fits-all roofing solution. For this reason, it’s better to use metal roofing materials as it is highly versatile. You can use metal sheeting to develop various designs and styles to obtain the finish that the building owner desires.
  • Completing a roofing project takes time and requires considerable investment. To be a cost-effective solution, the materials you use for a roof must be in place for several years without the need for constant renovations. Metal’s longevity is one of its best properties as it remains in top condition for several decades, far beyond traditional roofing materials such as asphalt.
  • When you compare metal roofing supplies to concrete tiles and other materials, metal is much lighter, making it easier to handle. Since the installation process is complex, lightweight material contributes to a smoother experience for everyone. As a result, you can complete projects more efficiently, leaving behind satisfied customers.
  • Since everybody is seeking new ways to save money, metal materials for roofing can assist the owner of the building in reducing their cooling costs. When it’s hot, the metal will reflect the sun rays, decreasing the amount of heat that penetrates the interior of the building. Other materials allow the heat from the sun to soak into the building, placing huge demands on the air conditioner — consequently, the cost of electricity increases, which isn’t a concern with metal roofing.
  • In this day and age, everyone is trying to do their part in saving the environment. By using metal for roofing, you minimise air conditioning usage which translates to less electricity and the use of natural resources such as coal and natural gas. Additionally, when metal materials finally reach the end of their lifecycle, it’s completely recyclable. The owner can completely recycle the metal to generate new sheets or another product entirely.

Tips for Buying Guttering Supplies

Gutters are an integral part of a building that channels excess water away from the face and foundation. Finding the ideal fit requires some serious thought as there are several options available from gutter suppliers. Following these tips will ensure that you acquire suitable guttering materials for your project.

  • It’s essential to understand what the local municipality says regarding restrictions about gutter installations. Sometimes, they can dictate the essential materials for a property in a particular zone. It’s better to comply with these regulations instead of contravening them and risking a fine.
  • Before selecting the size of the gutter for a property, consider the rainfall rate in the area. If the average rainfall is more than usual, it’s better to have a larger gutter to avoid damages in the near future.
  • We provide various types of gutter supplies that cater to different property requirements. However, we recommend acquiring seamless gutters purely because sectional gutters have a higher potential for fail points. Bear in mind that your selection of brackets must have the capability to support gutters through heavy rain.
  • Property owners love it when their gutter materials contribute to the aesthetic value of the building in addition to its practicality. For this reason, ensure that you select the correct gutter profile and colour to coincide with the architectural style of the building and the other external features.

Why Trust Ezi-Batten as Guttering Suppliers

We are a local family business assisting builders, contractors, handymen, roofers, and DIY enthusiasts with their gutter and roofing materials. We manufacture and supply high-quality steel building products that will elevate your project. Our products are entirely adaptable to projects of varying sizes as we can customise materials to suit your specific requirements. We understand that each assignment is different, which is why we’ll listen to your needs and offer advice as well as the materials that can make your project a resounding success.

When you collaborate with us, you’ll understand the meaning behind personalised service as our customers are the heartbeat of our operation. For this reason, you can expect us to deliver first-rate products at competitive prices. We’re proud to be a local business and enjoy servicing the region of South East Queensland from Gympie to Brisbane. Whatever your roofing and gutter material needs are, try us first. Contact us to chat about your project, and we assure you that, in us, you’ll find the ideal building supplies partner.