Protect your roof and your home with a wide range of guttering products offered by Ezi-Batten. Our range is made using UniCote® Steel and UniZinc® and is perfect for residential and commercial roofing.

Our Range of Gutter Profiles

Your rainwater system plays a big part in protecting your roof and your property, so you want the best solutions for your gutters. Made with UniCote® Steel, our range of gutter profiles will stand the test of time and nature, even in tough conditions.

Ezi-Batten supplies and stocks a range of quad, Hi-Flow and squareline gutters as well as a range of commercial gutters that are designed to look great and effectively protect your roof. Made in SE Queensland to handle the unpredictable Queensland climate, our gutters will rise up to the test all year around.

Explore our range now or ask us for technical information or aesthetic advice.

150 Quad

These gutters are the preferred option for many modern and traditional roofs. The 150 quad is available in a range of UniCote Colours, as well as plain UniZinc.

175 Quad

This guttering solution is the next step up from the 150 quad. 175 quad roof gutters will handle a higher volume of water, making it the best choice for residential and small industrial applications.

150 Hi-Flow Quad Gutter

Choose the 150 Hi-Flow quad gutter to deal with excess rain overflow while providing a modern design. Ask us for technical information and installation advice.

125 Squareline Gutter

Squareline gutters feature a neat design that can still handle water flow in high rainfall areas. This adaptable guttering solution could be perfect for your patio.

Half Round Gutter

A very aesthetically pleasing choice that is available in a huge range of sizes from 150mm right up to 300mm. Great for both domestic and commercial purposes

Flat Back Gutter

Similar to a Half Round gutter although with a flat back that sits flush against your Fascia. A seamless rounded option that suits most homes.

Low Front Commercial Eaves Gutter

If you’re looking for a gutter with simple, clean lines and large water carrying capacities then our Low Front Commercial Eaves Gutter might be the best choice for you.

High Front Commercial Eaves Gutter

A stylish gutter that is great in high rainfall areas. It has large overflow slots to divert the water away from the roof – this gutter is a popular choice.

Big Half Round Gutter

The Big Half Round Gutter is low maintenance, modern and has no corners to trap leaves, twigs and debris.

Big OG Gutter

A modern alternative to the traditional OG gutter except much larger in size. It is perfect for large roof areas of commercial and industrial buildings.

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Ezi-Batten can also provide gutter guards, rainwater accessories and much more. For more information on our range, contact us today. For a free quote on anything you see on this page, simply fill in the form below.

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