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The quad is a classic gutter that is perfect for both modern homes and traditional architecture.

150 Quad Guttering

Gutters might not seem like much, but they are actually one of the most important elements of your roofing and your home.

Without quality gutters, your home will be prone to uncontrolled run-off, weakened foundations, staining on the walls and increased cracking in walkways.

At Ezi-Batten, we understand the importance of gutters. That’s why our roofing supplies include the excellent 150 quad gutter.

Features of the Quad Gutter

The 150 Quad is a popular choice for domestic guttering applications due to its simple appearance and great functionality.

At Ezi-Batten, we provide the 150 Quad in a range of UniCote® colours as well as plain UniZinc®. See our Overflow Solutions Guide for more information on installation methods.

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