Insulation Blanket

55mm Insulation Blanket is one of the most popular roof insulation products on the Australian market today.

Insulation Blanket for Metal Roofing

Designed to provide an acoustic, thermal and condensation control for residential and commercial buildings. The blanket is lightweight with a reinforced, reflective Thermofoil facing. It is designed to reduce rain and aircraft noise as well as substantially reducing reverberant noise with buildings.


Typical applications where 55mm Insulation Blanket is used is as follows:

  • * Residential and Commercial metal roofs
  • * Under concrete soffits or slabs in roofs or carparks
  • * Commercial and industrial fibre cement roofs eg. offices, shopping centres or warehouses

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) – The insulation blanket is ideally suited to sealing ember entry points at ridges, valleys and fascia whilst the available facings comply with the BCA flammability index requirement of less than or equal to 5.

Features and Benefits

  • * Manufactured in Australia
  • * Made from a bio-soluble formulation
  • * Acoustic insulation – reducing unwanted noises
  • * Thermal insulation – has great thermal performance
  • * Condensation control – reduces the risk of condensation
  • * Available in a range of thicknesses to meet BCA energy efficiency standards

Size 1200 x 15m x 55mm, 1200 x 15m x 75mm Thickness.
Ezi-Batten can also provide blanket in 100mm, 125mm and 150mm thicknesses if required.

Foil Fasteners

Foil Fasteners are used to fix foil products to timber structures. These have four pins and are 25mm in diameter. If you require a more secure hold that staples or clouts and want to reduce tearing, choose foil fasteners.

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