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Rollsec manufacture a range of different structural products such as roofing battens, ceiling battens, top hat battens and C & Z Purlins.

Getting Started

Battens and Purlins

Rollsec offers a wide range of top quality metal roofing products for structural purposes. All Rollsec battens are manufactured from high-quality steel. Steel battens are superior, longer lasting, low maintenance roofing materials. Our battens are designed to deliver strong, lightweight roof support.

Our C & Z purlins are great for garages, carports, industrial buildings, and any building which needs a tough steel frame. If you’re looking for truly reliable, low cost, low maintenance roofing solutions for your home or commercial building, our purlins are exactly what you need.

Our range includes:

*Top hat battens : heavy-duty battens in a range of sizes.

* Ceiling/safety battens: Compatible with all standard ceiling boards and available in a stock length of 6.1m.

* Roof battens: Lightweight, easy to lap, and available in a stock length of 6.5m.

* We also provide a range of accessories including purlin bolts, angle connectors and clamp plates.

If you’d like some help, call us on 07 3041 4980 or contact us online. We’re happy to provide any assistance you need.

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Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries, assistance, or feedback. You can contact us directly at 07 5449 8765 and admin@ezibatten.com. We're here to help!