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Flat Back Gutters are a great choice for those who want clean lines and a smooth profile with internal brackets and low maintenance.

Flat Back Guttering

With a curved front and flat back, water flows effortlessly through the Flat Back Gutter, reducing the build-up of leaves and debris.

Available in Zinc or a large range of colours to complement your building, Flat Back Gutters are ideal for commercial and industrial buildings. Easy to install and maintain with no external brackets, Flat Back Gutters are versatile and cost-effective.

You can choose from unslotted or slotted to allow excess water to flow out, and a wide range of complementary accessories such as downpipe drops, stop ends, return stop ends and mitres.


Base Metal Thickness – 0.42mm thick
Dimensions – 138mm wide, 51mm flatback portion of gutter, 104mm height from bottom of gutter to top of outer lip

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