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High Front Commercial Eaves


At Ezi-Batten we have a style of gutter to suit every style of building and our High Front Commercial Eaves Gutter provides a sleek and stylish finish for modern buildings with metal or tiled roofs.

High Front Commercial Eaves Gutter

Available in an unpainted UniZinc® finish, or a large range of colours to suit any environment, High Front Commercial Eaves Gutters are great for high rainfall areas due to its ability to carry away larger amounts of water.

High Front Commercial Eaves Guttering owes its stylish look to the lack of visible tiles or roof cladding. Due to this style, it’s important that the gutter is installed to direct overflow water from flowing back into the roof cavity.

Regular maintenance is also important on his type of gutter to reduce dirt, debris, and pollutants and prevent corrosion.


* 100mm high from bottom of gutter to top of gutter back
* 135mm high from bottom of gutter to top of gutter front
* 130mm wide out from the wall
* Can be fixed to timber or steel fascia

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