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Square downpipes have a modern, sleek appearance that sits flush against a wall.

Square Metal Downpipes

Square downpipes are available in a range of different sizes to suit any project. The most common size used for domestic application is 100mm x 75mm. Other custom sizes may also be available on request. Available in a range of UniCote® colours, UniZinc®, galvanised, stainless steel and copper and are available in lengths up to 5m.

Technical Information

The below formula will provide you with a general indication in non cyclonic areas how much downpipe is required. This is assuming that the maximum rainfall does not exceed 125mm/hour.

Every 1m2 of roof = 70mm2 of downpipe is required.

We recommend draining to different points using smaller downpipes rather than only one large outlet. Downpipes should be spaced at no more than 12000mm centres where possible.

For a more accurate information, please read the Australian Standards – Installation Code for Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding SAA HB39-1997.


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