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Steel Roof Batten – The BEST Option to Increase Your Home’s Value

Steel roof battens allow natural thermal movement, which is crucial for locations with variable weather conditions. A batten panel seam metal roof is a roofing system where the long and narrow panels are joined together by the raised seams of vertical legs. The seams are covered with batten or cap snapped over them, creating a distinct ribbed look. The term “standing seam” comes from the raised seams from the roofing panels’ level. In the following section of the blog, we shall discuss a roofer’s perspective on installing the steel roofing batten panel system.

Steel Roof Batten

Installation Details of Batten Panel Roof System:

It is crucial to remember that installing batten panel roofs requires experience and expertise. The process includes the following steps:


1. Measuring and Preparing the Roof:

You must have accurate measurements. The roof has to be stripped down to the deck. This is when you make all the repairs to the decking or underlayment.


2. Installing the Battens:

The battens are laid according to the roof’s specifics. The grid system supports the metal panels and must be installed with care to ensure the roof’s integrity stays intact.


3. Attaching the Metal Panels:

The metal panels are installed over the battens. Every batten is carefully measured and cut to fit the exact dimensions of the roof. The panels are then secured to the battens with fasteners designed to allow the natural expansion and contraction of the metal with changes in temperature.


4. Sealing and Finishing:

The seams within the metal panels are sealed to ensure that the roof is watertight. Within the panel systems, the raised seams help deflect water and stop leaks. Take care of the roof penetrations and edges. Those are the places where flashing is installed to protect against water infiltration.


5. Final Inspection and Cleaning Up:

Once all the steel roof batten panels are placed, the final step is to do a thorough inspection to ensure that all the aspects of the installation meet the standards of installing a metal roof. There should be no debris left on the roof, and all the fasteners and sealants must be applied appropriately.


Why Should You Choose Metal Roof Battens?

One of the BEST benefits of choosing metal roof battens is the wide availability of colours, especially if you compare it with wood. Metal offers you a lot of colour choices for the board and batten-inspired siding. The most common colours include:

a. White

b. Gray

c. Black

d. Red

However, the choice of board and batten colour is open to the ones mentioned above. When it comes to the design of the battens, the latest trend in metal boards and battens is to paint the metal products so that they look like authentic wood panels. The wood colours range from light woods, dark woods, and you can also find reclaimed looking woods. The matte colours will have a softer appearance. They shall have lesser glare than a standard glossy colour. They offer an elegant look for the metal siding project.


Maintenance of Batten Panel Seam Metal Roofs:

The batten panel seam metal roofs need less maintenance than other types. You must take some care of it. Here is what you ought to do:

a. Regular Inspections – Regular inspections will help identify a potential issue.

b. Cleaning – Removing debris and cleaning the roof surface shall help prevent severe damage and maintain its appearance.

c. Repairs – Any damages found during the inspection must be repaired promptly to stop further issues.


In Conclusion:

In conclusion, remember that a steel roofing batten panel is highly durable, attractive, and energy-efficient for any building. Proper installation and periodic maintenance can offer reliable protection for a long time. If you are in search of the best steel roof battens, get in touch with us today. Visit us at www.ezibatten.com.