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Metal Fascia for Modern Roof – A Complete Roof Fascia Guide

The objective of a metal fascia for the modern roof is to protect your home from water damage caused by snow, rain, and ice. Roof fascia helps keep the heat inside during the winter months, offering extra insulation for the exterior walls of the home. Aluminium fascia panels are highly durable, resistant, stylish, low-maintenance, and cost-effective, making them the best material choice. As experts in modern roof fascia, we can vouch that metal fascia panels are the best option because of their durability, style, and flexibility. Also, there is almost no chance of rotting.  


What are the Basic Styles of Metal Fascia for Modern Roofs? 


The Traditional Flat Style:

This is also known as the “fibreboard” fascia. The material is a high-density fibreboard that is made up of a 2*4 frame, and it is covered with sheet metal. You can get it in colours like white, brown, or black. You can paint it to match the colour of your house.  


Vented Gable Style:

There are sometimes called “gable top” roofs because they look like gables at the ends of the house. They offer much better ventilation and can be designed to allow more light into the attic space.  


The Rafter Mounted Style:

This type of roof fascia is designed to allow the air to flow by attaching it directly to the rafters instead of getting nailed into the wall studs.  


Different Parts of Roof Fascia:

There are different parts of roof fascia that you should know to understand the roofing process. The roof is made up of different components that protect your home. They are as follows: 



They are made up of wood and metal, and they help in supporting the weight of the roof. There are three types of trusses – metal, laminated, and wood. Metal trusses are made from steel or aluminium and used on commercial buildings. Metal trusses are the most durable. The wood trusses are mostly used in residential buildings. The laminated trusses are reinforced with metal and plywood; thus, they are better than the wood trusses.  


Roof Sheathing:

This is a layer of rough-cut boards that goes underneath the roof tiles for protecting them from moisture damage caused by rainwater getting through cracks in the tiles themselves.  



The cornice is an architectural feature that projects from the top of the wall and is curved down towards the ground. They are made of wood or metal and come in different styles depending on the house in which they are installed.  



The parapet is an architectural feature projected from the top of the wall and curves up towards the sky. They are made of metal or wood and come in different styles depending on the type of house where they are installed. 



The rafters are vertical members that offers support to the intersecting girders or trusses that form the structure’s frame. Also, they provide lateral support for the roofs.  


Details on the Different Types of Metal Fascia for Modern Roof 

The different types of metal fascia for modern roofs include: 

  • Flush Fascia Panel 
  • Reveal Fascia Panel 
  • Rigid Fascia Panel 
  • T-8 Plankwall 


The Flush Metal Fascia Panel:

This is flat in appearance and can be customized to have different-sized reveals.  


The Reveal Fascia Panel:

 It is a versatile metal fascia panel that is a bit different from the T-groove because you can pick the gap size between the panels. Gaps are available in 1”, 2”, 3” or no reveal. Also, you can mix and match the reveal size and the panel widths.  


The Rigid Metal Fascia Panel:

The rigid metal fascia panels are sometimes known as wave panels because they have a wavy appearance. Also, the panels cost less, are strong and offer a different aesthetic.  


T-8 Plankwall:

This is a metal panel designed to look like the wood. The panel is a great option to use when you want to achieve a wooden look, but you want to spend less money and want to opt for lesser maintenance in the future.  

At Ezi Batten, we can offer the best quality metal fascia for the modern roof. We believe metal roof fascia is a crucial part of the system because it protects the roof.