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How important are metal fascias for the modern roofing system?

A metal roof comprises many large and small parts, collectively making it a durable, quality roofing system that can last for 50 years or longer. Some of the more minor details, like metal fascia, are sometimes overlooked by a homeowner. However, metal fascia for the modern roof is crucial for the roof’s functionality and refined appearance.

What Is Metal Fascia?

Metal fascia stretches in a structure from the drip edge to the soffit for more protection and a finished look. The metal fascia then goes over the fascia board, which is the wooden trim installed along the roofing edge of your home. Simply put, it shuts the gap between the walls and the roof of a structure. Metal fascia is durable, eco-friendly and very low maintenance.

Here, we are referring to steel. However, aluminium fascia is another material that can be used. Consider the differences between aluminium and steel to decide which is the best for you.

What Are The Diverse Types Of Metal Fascia?

There are three different types of metal fascia:

  • Metal Fascia Trim

Metal fascia trim is are pieces that cover your home’s fascia boards and are also referred to as the metal fascia wrap. It’s simply an extended piece of the gable and eave trim covering the entire fascia board vs. a portion. This is the most straightforward option for covering fascia.

  • Standard Metal Fascia Panels

Metal manufacturers make metal fascia panels readily available in various colours. While this is not custom work, you have many profiles, colours, and finishes. Lengths can also be modified according to your project.

Three metal fascia panels are available: Flush wall panels, reveal discussions, and wave panels.

  • Custom Metal Fascia Panel

For the ultimate designer appearance, these custom metal fascia panels or fascia wrapping can be easily made for your home or building. This option is the most expensive and time-consuming but provides your project with a much more sophisticated appearance.

  • Metal Fascia Cost

Metal roof fascia trim is one of the most affordable option. For a more specific idea of how much metal fascia trim will cost, you need to know the trim size, gauge, and finish.

Standard metal fascia panels are the next most affordable option, with custom metal fascia panels being the most expensive one due to the increased labour and artistry to design the panels made specifically for your roof. The metal fascia installation is also usually high on these projects.

However, please remember that we are currently in a steel shortage, and the price is volatile. In addition, it’s easier to give an accurate estimate than knowing the specifics of the metal fascia.

What Is The Purpose Of Metal Fascia On A House?

Fascia Provides ProtectionMetal fascia trim increases the lifespan of the wooden fascia board by wrapping it in steel. It serves as an obstruction and first line of defence against anything that could cause harm to a structure like water, debris, insects, and even small animals. This protection restricts moisture from entering the roof deck and possibly the interior, which can cause costly damage such as leaks, rotting and mould.

  • Fascia Supports Gutters

Metal fascia gives gutters something to hang onto while also helping stabilize the channels and keep them in place. The structural integrity of fascia is essential, so material with durability, like metal, is an intelligent choice. The fascia must be strong enough to withstand the weight of full gutters and the roofing system over it.

  • Metal Fascia Is an Additional Support For The Roof

In addition to the gutters, metal fascia supports the roofline of the building.

  • Fascia Enhances A Roof’s Appearance

Fascia provides a beautiful finesse and enhanced aesthetic to your property. When used in contrasting paint colour to the rest of the roof and siding, the fascia can frame out and bring attention to specific features of a home or structure like the roof peaks.

With fascia panels, parts of the roof rafters would be exposed. Besides being dangerous to the roof’s functionality, exposed rafters could be more visually appealing.

What Are The Different Types Of Metal Fascia Panels?

  • Flush Fascia Panel
  • Reveal Fascia Panel
  • Rigid Fascia Panel
  • T-8 Plankwall

These panels contain concealed fasteners which they do not have visible screws, making for a clean, streamlined appearance. This also makes the board more weathertight.

In conclusion

Metal fascia has a variety of functionality while also enhancing a home or the building’s exterior. If you have the gutters, then fascia is a must, as they will require something to attach onto.

Ezi-Battens metal fascia will not warp, shrink or splinter like timber fascia. We can cut it to any length over 500 millimetres to suit the needs of your project. It is also available in a range of UniCote colours and UniZinc. Check out our Overflow Solutions Guide for more information on installation requirements now!