Valleys are vee shaped channels that run up and down the folds of a roof.

Valleys for your Roof

Valleys on a roof are the vee shaped metal channels that run up and down the folds of a roof. They are important for helping rainwater to flow down into your gutters, especially on metal roofing. At Ezi-Batten, our range of roofing supplies includes high-quality metal valleys in a great range of colours.

Our Valleys

Our valleys have a 400-millimetre girth and are manufactured from strong, durable 0.4-millimetre thick metal. Our standard folded valley is commonly used for steel roofing and features folds at the top of the vee to avoid water penetration.

Made with UniCote

It’s important that valleys are highly corrosion resistant. That’s why we use UniCote colours. They provide maximum protection as well as great aesthetic value for your roof.

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