TH Series 125mm

The Ezi-Batten 125mm Top Hat sections provide an economical and extremely tough material for the construction of sheds, garages and domestic dwellings. They can be used as an alternative to timber and C or Z sections.

The optimized shape allows for easy fixing to either steel or timber joists.

The TH125 Series joists are significantly easier to use than timber, because of their construction they are straighter, more uniform and economical. During transportation and construction they can be stacked to take up less space and also they are free-standing while fitting. They are termite proof.

When used as a Purlin it is laid across the top of the portals giving the great cost benefit of needing no welded cleats on the portals. The TH125 Series is made from high tensile steel and can be used in preference to C or Z sections for purlins and girts.

All TH125mm battens will be cut to customer requirements.

Material                        High tensile steel G550
Width                            175mm
Height                           125mm
Weight                          0.75 gauge 2.3 kg per metre 
                                       0.95 gauge 3.0 kg per metre 
                                       1.15 gauge 3.5kg per metre
Maximum span            0.75 gauge 6500mm
                                       0.95 gauge 7500mm
                                       1.15 gauge 8000mm
Standard length          cut to length
TH43 Batten