Roof Battens

Ezi-Batten 40mm Roof Battens are economical and light weight and manufactured from high quality steel. The Roof Batten has been designed to have a large top surface area to make it an easy target when screwiung on roof sheeting. They have rolled safety edges for safe handling, a knurled top for extra grip and adhesion.
Roof Batten sections are guaranteed a long life and all material conforms to Australian standards. Ezi-Batten Roof Battens are termite prrof, fire resistant and rot free.
The Ezi-Batten 40mm Roof Batten is available in standard 0.55mm and 0.75mm gauge for cyclonic areas.
The 40mm Roof Batten is available with a 45 degree mitre cut for easy installation on gable type roofs or a straight cut is available for skillion type roofs.
Material                       High tensile steel G550 0.55mm
Width                           85.6mm
Height                          40mm
Weight                         0.66kg per metre  (4.29kg per length)
Maximum span          1200mm
Standard lengths       6.5 metres

Superior Structural Rigidity With Top Quality Roof Battens

Roof battens are much more than simply a fixing point for your roof covering. Whether you are using tiles, slate, or metal sheeting, battens play a vital role in constructing your building, providing a level surface on which to fix roof coverings, lending rigidity to the roof structure, and providing a nice straight line in which you can secure roof covering.

We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of metal roof battens and other roll-formed steel building products, proudly serving customers in South-East Queensland, from Gympie to Brisbane, and everywhere in between. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products that meet the strictest quality standards.

Experience the Difference with Ezi-Battens

Steel roof battens are lighter than their wooden counterparts, providing a greater level of precision and strength to ensure that your roof structure remains rigid and strong for longer. Our products are made using technologically advanced manufacturing techniques and the best materials available on the market today, ensuring you get a product that is superior in every way.

  • Our metal roof battens provide you with the best platform to secure your roof covering. Designed to have a large top surface area, you can achieve excellent accuracy in fixing your roof tiles. They also feature a knurled top, which provides better grip and adhesion.
  • No more worrying about injuries when handling our steel roof battens. We’ve added rolled safety edges to eliminate cuts and scrapes during handling and installation.
  • Our metal roof battens are superior to wooden battens in that they last longer, are highly resistant to moisture and fire, and impervious to the ravages of pests such as termites.
  • We manufacture battens in two gauges. Our standard 0.55- and 0.75mm, is ideal for cyclonic areas.

Leading Manufacturers of Metal Roof Battens

We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our products. Every product that leaves our factory floor meets and exceeds all relevant industry standards. In dealing with us, you gain peace of mind, knowing that you’re installing a superior product that is as good as it can get.

  • We are passionate about customer service, providing fully personalised service to each customer – no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. Our friendly and helpful team will always go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your project is attended to efficiently.
  • Our highly trained and experienced customer support team comprises industry professionals with extensive knowledge of our products and their applications. We are always ready to provide practical advice, should you require it.

Top Quality Without Exception

Ezi-Battens is a family-owned and operated manufacturing concern, providing top quality steel roof battens, ceiling battens, purlins, corrugated iron, roofing, flashings, gutters, facia, cladding and much more.

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