Roof Battens

Ezi-Batten 40mm Roof Battens are economical and light weight and manufactured from high quality steel. The Roof Batten has been designed to have a large top surface area to make it an easy target when screwiung on roof sheeting. They have rolled safety edges for safe handling, a knurled top for extra grip and adhesion.
Roof Batten sections are guaranteed a long life and all material conforms to Australian standards. Ezi-Batten Roof Battens are termite prrof, fire resistant and rot free.
The Ezi-Batten 40mm Roof Batten is available in standard 0.55mm and 0.75mm gauge for cyclonic areas.
The 40mm Roof Batten is available with a 45 degree mitre cut for easy installation on gable type roofs or a straight cut is available for skillion type roofs.
Material                       High tensile steel G550 0.55mm
Width                           85.6mm
Height                          40mm
Weight                         0.66kg per metre  (4.29kg per length)
Maximum span          1200mm
Standard lengths       6.5 metres