Ceiling Battens

The Ezi-Batten ceiling battens have been designed to support plasterboard and other cladding materials for ceilings and walls for domestic and commercial buildings. The maximum span for ceiling batten applications is 1200mm and the maximum spacing is 600mm.

The ceiling batten has rolled safety edges for safe handling, a knurled top for extra grip and adhesion and have a wide flange at the base of each leg which allows for direct screw fixing to the underside of roof trusses or joists.

The ceiling batten has been designed to conform with the requirements of AS 1170, AS 4100, AS 3600 and AS 4600.

The ceiling batten range is also designed to compliment the TH 125 Series of Top Hat section to act as a brace for spans over 4.5 metres. 

Material                       Bluescope Truecore High tensile steel G550 0.42mm
Width                           67mm
Height                          25mm
Weight                         0.36kg per metre  (2.2kg per length)
Maximum span          1200mm
Standard lengths       6.1 metres
Ceiling Batten

Using Our Steel Ceiling Battens Adds Durability

Battens are lengths of timber or steel used in construction work to act as spacers or as a secondary framework onto which another surface can be fixed. Ceiling battens separate the ceiling panels, usually plasterboard, from either the roof trusses or the floor above, creating a neat and durable ceiling.

The Benefits of Metal Ceiling Battens

The installation of ceiling panels creates three options for the builder: to use wood battens, metal battens or no battens by fixing the panels directly to the roof trusses. We recommend always using battens, as it creates a consistent area to attach the ceiling panels, and steel has advantages over wood battens.

  • Weight. Metal ceiling battens are made of high-tensile steel and offer a superior weight to strength ratio that you cannot achieve with wood battens. The batten design also increases its strength, making it exceptionally resistant to bending, deforming and impacts. It also means that the battens require fewer structural fixing points, which allows for lighter roof designs.

  • Stability. Steel battens provide stable fixture points for ceiling panels because they are largely unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity. Metal battens tolerate the normal ‘breathing’ of the roof without deforming and therefore eradicate cracking plasterboard ceiling panels.

  • Aesthetics. It is easy to achieve an entirely level ceiling when using battens instead of fixing the ceiling panels directly to the roof trusses. This method creates a better look for the room and removes undue stresses on the plasterboard panels. The added space above the ceiling created by the battens also acts as a mild sound barrier, especially between the floors of a multi-storey home.

About Ezi-Batten Steel Ceiling Battens

We are a local manufacturer and supplier of roll-formed steel building products to contractors, tradespeople and DIY homeowners. Our ceiling battens are designed for plasterboard and other panelling materials in domestic and commercial buildings. The most important points of Ezi-Batten steel ceiling battens include:

  • We manufacture our steel ceiling battens with specific elements that enhance their overall use and practicability. The edges of the feet are rolled for safe handling and a little extra strength; the top is knurled for better grip and adhesion between the ceiling batten and plasterboard, and the legs feature a wider flange for direct screw fixing to the roof trusses or joists.
  • Our ceiling battens are designed to conform with the requirements of AS 1170, AS 4100, AS 3600 and AS 4600. We have also designed it as a brace for the TH125 joists, requiring spans longer than 4.5 metres.
    We use BlueScope TRUECORE® G550 high-tensile steel to manufacture our ceiling battens. The nominal thickness is 0.42 mm, which provides a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 550 MPa and minimal weight of 0.36 kg per metre.

  • Ezi-Batten is located in Noosaville, Queensland. Contact us to discuss your requirement for quality steel ceiling battens and other roll-formed products.