Ravine is made up of deep, slender ribs and wide, flat pans to create an eye-catching, clean design. A simple design that is available in a variety of finishes to create the architectural cladding look that you desire.

Ravine Looks Great

The first thing that most people notice when they see the Ravine is that the cladding has deep, slender ribs and wide, flat pans. It’s a bold statement, that looks great wherever—be it a domestic, commercial, or industrial setting.

The Ravine is an elegant, yet sturdy, variety of metal cladding. It nicely complements a variety of aesthetic and architectural designs, so you don’t have to worry about an unpleasant clash. It’s ideal cladding for houses and is available in a variety of different finishes such as UniCote, Magnaflow and UniCote Lux.

Due to the thoughtful planning that has gone into the Ravine, it has a clean finish. The concealed fixing system in the design means that there aren’t unsightly bumps and imperfections. The panels are secured with clips (concealed in the cladding so they aren’t visible), which are fastened with a specialty tool.

Non Combustible, tested in accordance to AS1530-3

The Perfect Cladding for the Job

The Ravine can be applied in a variety of different shapes. Whether you want to apply the Ravine in a way that is flat or curved, conical or domed, it should be up to the task.

The Ravine can be cut and tailored to your own specifications, so you can order just the right amount of architectural cladding for the job at hand.

The Pinnacle Range

The Ravine is part of our new ‘Pinnacle Range’; four stylish profiles that take inspiration from the best in European design. It’s our way of expressing contemporary beauty in steel, with pleasing, versatile styles that convey strong and bold textures. All of the products in our Pinnacle Range make for a beautiful finish on any structure.