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Five Rib Insulated Panels


Five Rib insulated roofing panels are a highly efficient and stylish way to keep Sunshine Coast homes and businesses comfortable in every season. This popular and easy-to-install roofing material is available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses. Their lightweight and thermally efficient core has been specifically designed to work in Australian homes.

Panel Structure

The Benefits of Five Rib Insulated Panels

Five Rib insulated roof sheets are designed and built with a fire-retardant treated core. These panels reduce the need for structural support due to their additional strength, meaning you can install them in long stretches without support beams. Five Rib panels are durable, energy efficient, affordable and easy to install. Five Rib panels offer similar benefits to corrugated roofing panels, giving you additional choice in the appearance of your home. The benefits of Five Rib insulated roofing sheets include:

* A stronger overall panel due to the height of the peaks
* Lower roof pitch angles for better water runoff
* Allowing for unsupported spans, reducing the need for substructure
* Larger top sheet radii in corners for better performance in cyclones
* 10-15 year manufacturer’s warranty
* A range of versatile building systems
* Simple and fast installations
* They can be cut to size to meet your needs
* Available in a wide range of colours
* Available in a wide range of thicknesses
* Two ceiling finishes available to match your home

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