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Corrugated Insulated Panels


The corrugated insulated roof sheets from Ezi-Batten are manufactured with a fire-retardant core. Additional strength is built into each sheet to allow for a longer, unsupported spans, meaning fewer structural supports are needed.

Panel Structure

The Benefits of Corrugated Insulated Panels

This innovative product has been designed to offer a solution to the market, giving added strength and efficiency to roofing insulation. The benefits of corrugated insulated panels include:

* Extremely large panels for easy and fast installation
* Highly popular across Queensland
* Seamlessly matching your existing roof profile
* Reduced need for supporting substructures due to the large, unsupported spans on these panels
* High thermal properties for year-round comfort
* Designed specifically for Australian homes and businesses
* 10-15 year manufacturer’s warranty
* Versatile building systems available
* Available in a huge range of Colorbond colours
* Available in a wide range of thicknesses
* Capable of being cut to your chosen length
* Two different finishes available for ceilings.

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