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Should You Choose Metal Roof Battens Solutions for Your Building?

Metal roofing systems are prized for their resistance to the elements, and standing seam metal roofs offer a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Made from various metals, such as steel, aluminium or copper, these roofs are also an environmentally friendly choice since many can be recycled. In addition, metal roofs can be designed around complex structures and installed with precision and accuracy by an experienced contractor. The resulting long-term durability and low maintenance requirements provide an exceptional return on investment. Metal roof battens are essential in supporting and securing metal roofing materials. However, many homeowners wonder if they can reuse their metal roofing battens solutions when replacing their roof to save money.

What is a standing seam metal roof?

Standing seam metal roofs are so named because of the raised interlocking seam that joins each panel. This linked connection is solid and watertight and hides the fasteners securing the roof, improving its aesthetics and protecting the roof-to-structure attachment points. With their superior water shedding and increased resistance to wind uplift, standing seam metal roofs are a trendy choice for residential and commercial buildings.

Batten system installations

With battens (also referred to as strapping, strips, furring strips, or purlins), roofing materials are attached on top of a grid, creating continuous airspace when conserving energy is important. Battens are also a good choice when roof-overs are needed — providing a smooth, flat surface. In cases where concrete tiles make up the roof, battens are the better choice. The batten system is the only option if the HVAC system is on the roof. A variation of the metal roofing battens solutions is highly recommended because most use horizontal purlin boards.

Why choose standing seam with batten?

With all the advantages of a regular standing seam, including solid joints, excellent water shedding and protection for the fasteners to prevent points of vulnerability, the batten seam uses a cap over the seam where the two panels meet. It provides an added layer of protection beyond what the regular standing seam already offers.

Perfect for areas with periods of heavy or prolonged rain or snow, the batten cap ensures water won’t enter the seams and cause any leaks. The higher the water infiltration or damage risk, the more likely the batten seam is a good investment. Areas with high snow loads can also benefit from batten seams, as the seam itself helps provide additional rigidity and structural stability. In areas where high winds are a significant risk, the batten seam can increase wind resistance and help prevent wind damage to your roof.

Superior in quality and excellent curb appeal

In addition to their many functional enhancements, batten seams provide additional aesthetic detail, offering a more defined pattern of the standing seam. This distinct visual element can elevate the profile of a building’s exterior and increase its curb appeal.

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