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Roof Battens of Steel Vs. Direct-to-Deck – What’s the Best Metal Roof Installation Method

Are you planning a metal roof for your home? If you are, you are not alone! Roof battens of steel have become a top choice for homeowners thanks to their durability, energy efficiency, and stunning aesthetic. Roof battens of steel involve placing the grid of the wooden batten over the roof deck before installing the metal roofing panel. On the other hand, direct-to-deck installation includes attaching the metal roofing panel directly to the deck without using the battens. It is important to note that to judge which method is better and more suitable for your house, you have to get into a detailed comparison of roof battens of steel and direct-to-deck installation.

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Roof Battens of Steel Installation :

A batten installation includes laying a lattice of metal battens across the existing roof deck before you fit the metal roofing panel. The roof battens of steel are attached to the top of the wood batten grid, and it creates a continuous airspace. One of the most important benefits of steel batten installation is its improved air circulation and ventilation. Since the airspace created by the battens allows the hot air to escape, the cooler air flows in. Therefore, the roof remains cooler, and it results in much more energy savings, especially in the hot summer months when the use of air conditioning is at its peak.


Metal Roof Installation – Direct-to-Deck:

The direct-to-deck installations are exactly what the name suggests – the metal roofing panels are installed directly into the roof deck without the use of raised battens. With direct-to-deck installations, the metal roofing panels are cut, shaped, and installed with much better precision. Therefore, the direct-to-deck installation method is good for homes that have intricate roof designs or complicated architectural features that would be complicated by the raised batten grid. The absence of battens makes it easier for roofing contractors to work around the intricate details and attain a smooth and seamless appearance.


How to Choose the Best Installation Method for Roof Battens of Steel?


  • Energy Efficiency –

Metal roofs excel when it comes to energy efficiency. All of this is due to their natural ability to reflect the sunlight. Apart from the reflectivity, metal roofs have higher emissivity. This means they can release the absorbed heat back into the atmosphere much more effectively than traditional roofing materials. Batten installations offer an added layer of ventilation and energy efficiency.

However, metal roofs installed using the direct-to-deck method also offers significant energy-saving benefit because of the inherent reflective and emissive properties. If energy efficiency is a priority, you must ask the roofing contractor about using the radiant barrier underlayments. The radiant barrier underlayments amplify the energy efficiency of the metal roof.


  • Roof-Overs –

The roof overs are also known as re-roofing. It can save you a lot of money, labour, and disposal expenses compared to a total roof tear-off. While installing a new roof over the existing roof, the objective is to create a smooth and even surface to prevent potential issues like damage or leaks to the new roofing material. This is why the batten installations are preferred for the roof-overs because the 2’*2’ batten grid offers an uninterrupted level surface for the new roof.


Roof Architecture and Design –

When you have a complicated roof design with detailed architectural features like the dormers, the cupolas, and valleys – it is better to opt for the direct-to-deck installation method.


In Conclusion:

Roof battens of steel are crucial to offer a stable substrate for the plasterboard ceiling linings. Wood battens are prone to atmospheric-induced movement and shrinkage. Therefore, timber would cause ceiling movement and damage. Roof battens of steel are light in weight and much more compact, offering easy handling and storage options and easy transportation. Also, the best part of steel battens is that they offer excellent anti-corrosion protection, helping to reduce expenses in ceiling maintenance. If you are in search of the best quality steel battens, get in touch with us. Our premium quality steel battens have withstood the test of time and earned a reputation for exceptional durability, stunning aesthetics, and energy efficiency.