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Is Choosing an Insulation Blanket for Metal Roofing the Right Decision?

Did you know the average home loses about 42% of its wintertime heat through its roof? If you are replacing your metal roof or getting a tile to tin re-roofing, now is the perfect time to think about new metal roof insulation. An insulation blanket for metal roofing is a layer of insulation material, typically installed underneath the metal roof sheets, that provides thermal, acoustic, and condensation control benefits. Using a roof insulation blanket, you can keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in the winter months and reduce energy costs. Besides, it can help prevent condensation and improve your home’s comfort.

What insulation do you put under a metal roof?

Your best time for installing insulation is when you are replacing the roof. Once a new roof is set up, your options for insulating are much more limited. In this section, we’ll offer some of our best advice based on years of installing metal roofs in Melbourne.

To understand our advice better, you should know about the R-value. R-value measures how well a given type of insulation resists heat flow. If you want to get all scientific, it’s the temperature difference between the insulator’s warm side and the cool side, divided by the thermal conductivity.

R-value isn’t just a term used for traditional roofing and wall insulation. Even windows will be given an R-value since they are another place where you need to protect heat from entering and leaving your home.

How does an insulation blanket for metal roofing work?

You probably already know that insulation keeps your home cooler in summer and warm in winter, but it does a lot more. Properly installed, insulation will also reduce condensation. This protects your home from breeding a mould infestation beneath the walls and rafters.

But how exactly does roof insulation work? There are three different ways that heat can transfer from one space to another, and insulation aims to reduce them all:

  • Radiation is when heat transfers through waves. In the case of your roof, the sun’s rays beat down on your tin roof, which then absorbs some of the heat. A reflective barrier of insulation installed directly underneath your roof aims to stop most of this heat from getting through. In metal roofs, paint colour choice can also significantly reduce radiant heat absorption.
  • Conduction is when heat flows between two objects that are touching. For example, your metal roof sheets heat on top first and then that heat transfers to the bottom, thus making its way from the outside of your home to the inside. When that thermal energy hits your insulation, the conduction slows down significantly.
  • Convection is when heat transfers through the air. For example, as your roof heats up, the air in your attic gets hotter. Insulation slows the process of convection by trapping air or slowing its movement.

Of course, this process works the same way in the cooler months. In this case, though, the insulation is working to prevent heat from transferring out of your home.

Signs necessary to replace your metal roof insulation

You should have your roofing insulation professionally inspected every ten years or so. However, you can keep an eye out for some of the following symptoms of degrading insulation:

  • Uneven temperature control:

Poor insulation could be the culprit if your HVAC functions optimally. However, your home used to be more relaxed and warmer than it is.

  • Rising power bills:

If your electricity bill creeps up without any other explanation, it could mean that your heating and air conditioning have to work harder because your insulation is degrading.

  • Water damage:

If a heavy storm allows water to get through your roofing and into the insulation, you should consider having it inspected. If the insulation doesn’t dry out quickly, it could start to breed mould.

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