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How Good Are Steel Roofing Battens for Your Home?

Suppose you’re looking to install a metal roof. In that case, it can be difficult to tell whether including them would stabilise the finished product. Read on to determine if metal roofs need steel roofing battens and why these beams are essential. 


What are roofing battens? 

First you should understand what battens are before even deciding whether they’d be a good fit for your metal roof. Roofing battens are beam-like structures usually installed over and perpendicularly to your attic’s rafters. Their purpose is to provide a much clear fixing point for most of the roofing materials, and they can also provide an extra ventilation and support. 

Board and batten siding consists of wide planks joined together by thinner strips to cover the seams. This timeless look originally dates back to over 200 years ago when it was used on barn siding and farm homes out of necessity. The strips, or battens, were used to keep the building as airtight as possible. Now, the battens are merely decorative, and the overall look is chosen because of its clean and streamlined appearance, which also has a rustic look. 

You can use different materials to achieve a board and batten look. Traditionally, board and batten siding is also made from wood. However, using wood panels for siding has drawbacks, including termites, rotting, mildew, and warping. There is also board and batten vinyl siding. However, vinyl is not very durable and can bend, break, crack, and warp. 


The importance of having battens:

Battens are essential for several reasons. They generally make the roof much more stable and allow you to install an extension of your HVAC system in your attic area. Ventilation is often crucial in these areas because it helps hold the roof from overheating and causing damage to the rest of the area. Battens can also provide component access to repair and replace broken parts. 


Batten System Installations: 

With battens (also referred to as strapping, strips, furring strips, or purlins), roofing materials are attached on top of a grid, creating continuous airspace when conserving energy is important. Battens are also a good choice when roof-overs are needed — providing a smooth, flat surface. In cases where concrete tiles make up the roof, battens are the better choice. The batten system is the only option if the HVAC system is on the roof. A variation of the batten system is highly recommended because most of them only use horizontal purlin boards. 


Roofing purlins and battens:

These two words are often used interchangeably, and both are long strips. Usually, wood is used to attach roofing material. But a “purlin” is actually applied directly onto the roof rafters, running perpendicular between them. At the same time, a “batten” is nailed to roof sheathing or applied over an already existing roof for installation or a new roof.  

Some roofs, like 5V-crimp metal, were once allowed to be installed directly onto purlins looking up at the metal roofing from the attic. But building codes now necessitate roof sheathing, plus a layer of roofing felt or other such approved water-resistant surfaces over the sheathing, before any nstallation of the roof covering. 

The air space that battens create between the roof sheathing and the roof can also be helpful as a thermal barrier. Also, very rigid insulation can be placed in between battens. Some roof installations go another step further and utilise battens running up the roof, with a second layer running perpendicular to provide ventilation between the roofing material and sheathing at the ridge. 


Correlation with Metal Roofing:

Whether your metal roof needs battens often depends on what you buy. Some metal roofing types also require you to install them with the special metal battens, while others may not need them at all. It can also hinge on whether you plan to place an underlayment, so ensure you’re discussing this aspect with your roofing company to find out the best course of action for your situation. 

When you’re looking to install a new metal roof on your home, you want to ensure you discuss all the necessary details with a qualified professional. We at Ezi Battencan be that resource for you. We’ll be with you through the entire installation of your metal roof so you know exactly what’s happening. We’ll also provide you with a complete list of all available roof options so that you’re confident you’re making the best possible decision for your home.