There are many different types of metal cladding, but few are as pleasant to look at or as easy to work with as the Alpine design. This panel has the option of two different fixing systems which allows the panel to be used for either roof or wall cladding. It is a versatile product with a vast scope for design and application.

The Alpine Look

Compared to some other cladding types, the Alpine has a broader, flatter pan, and a lower (but still impactful) rib. The result is a distinctive aesthetic product that makes a dynamic impression on the eye. The Alpine is a relaxed, easy, stylish product that works beautifully with modern architecture.

Non Combustible, tested in accordance to AS1530-3

The Versatility of Alpine

There are two different ways to fix the Alpine cladding to a structure, because there are two distinct uses for Alpine cladding; it can either be used as a wall cladding, or as modern roofing cladding.

Easy to Install

Regardless of whether you’re using Alpine cladding on a roof or a wall, or in a commercial or domestic setting, the product has been designed to make for easy installation. They’re installed with nails or screws, with each strip snapped over the preceding panel. This secures it in position and conceals the spot where the cladding has been fixed to the surface. It’s a quick, simple process for which you won’t need any seaming tools. Moreover, your order can be tailored to suit your exact specifications.

The Pinnacle Range

The Alpine is part of our new ‘Pinnacle Range’; four stylish profiles that take inspiration from the best in European design. It’s our way of expressing contemporary beauty in steel, with pleasing, versatile styles that convey strong and bold textures. All of the products in our Pinnacle Range make for a beautiful finish on any structure.