Ezi-Battens: Top Quality Top Hat Battens

Whether you’re building a residential home, a garage, a workshop, or a garden shed, top hat battens make for the perfect anchoring point of your roof covering or cladding. Strong and long-lasting, it provides the highest quality material for your project, and perfectly straight, it affords optimal precision, saving you time and money.

Give your building the optimal structural strength. Whether used as a top hat roof batten or as a purlin, you can rest assured that you’re working with a product of superior quality that features exceptional strength and durability.

Australian Leaders in the Manufacture of Steel Top Hat Battens

There are numerous benefits to using our metal top hats besides the additional strength they provide to your structure, not least of which is the convenience of working with a dimensionally accurate product that allows for faster, more economical installation.

  • Our metal top hats are available in different sizes to accommodate diverse projects. The TH Series 43mm can be used in many construction applications, such as roof battens or framing. Made from 0.75mm high tensile steel, it is 108mm wide and 43mm wide, weighing only 0.88kg per meter.
  • Our TH Series 61mm are ideal for use in awnings, patios, garages, and small framed sheds. Manufactured out of G550 high tensile steel, they are 106mm wide, 61mm high, and available in two thickness gauges. The 0.75 gauge can span a maximum of 3.2 metres, while the 0.95 gauge can be spanned up to 3.6 metres.
  • The TH Series 125mm is cost-effective and very strong, ideal for use in many construction applications, including garages, sheds, or residential homes. They are easy to install and transport, taking up significantly less space during transportation than their timber counterparts. They are made from G550 high tensile steel and are 175mm wide, 125mm high, and available in 0.75, 0.95 and 1.15 thickness gauges, which can be spanned over 6.5m, 7.5m, and eight meters, respectively. The TH Series 125mm can also be used as a purlin or in place of C or Z sections.

The Benefits of Top Hat Steel Battens

Using steel battens make sense economically, aesthetically and structurally. Not only do they make your job easier and quicker to conclude, but they’re also stronger and able to withstand almost anything the Australian elements can throw at them.

  • Steel battens are easier to transport and store, nesting together, thus taking up much less space than timber battens. This significantly reduces your storage and transportation costs.
  • Steel battens are straighter and much more stable than timber battens, allowing you to achieve a much better finish and eliminating the need to return to the site for touch-ups and adjustments as the building settles.
  • Metal battens are more versatile than their timber counterparts and can be used as purlins, framing, and are easily fixed to timber trusses, steel trusses, or rafters. They are also stronger and can withstand cyclonic conditions better.

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