We can supply almost any custom flashings required in lengths up to 8.0metres.

Thicker gauges & Stainless Steel are also available to enhance any architectural project.


Why You Should Use Our Flashings on Your Property’s Roof

Unless you are a contractor, handyman or builder, you might not know much about the flashings on your roof. Flashings are metal fittings installed on roofs to direct water away from features such as walls or chimneys, thereby avoiding discolouration, staining or long-term erosion. You can prevent rust and unwanted leaks by directing water away from your home.

The Reason We Provide Our Clients With Custom Flashings

We understand that not every project is the same and that sometimes you require flashings specific to your build. By getting the perfect fit for each roof section, you won’t have to do any alterations on-site, saving valuable time and effort. We support our customers with customised flashings because:

  • Flashings protect some of the most vulnerable parts of roofs. Leaks usually occur in sections of your roof that are improperly installed, where shingles or steel roofing are joined, or around areas such as the chimney. By ensuring that flashings and shingles are flush, you can rest easy knowing that your property is ready for heavy rain.
  • You may not have the tools or experience to fit flashings yourself. When you work with us, we make your life as easy as possible by using precise measurements and quality equipment to form and cut flashings.
  • We remove the need for multiple suppliers. Because we cater to you with customised roof flashings, dealing with shaping, cutting and colouring, you don’t have to transport our flashings anywhere besides the building site.

Tips Regarding Your Metal Roof Flashings

As with most construction materials, we advise you to remain mindful of how you can extend the lifespan and efficiency of your flashings. By taking note of the condition of your roofing materials, you can avoid costly mishaps and keep your property safe from the climate. When assessing your roofing materials, be sure to take note of:

  • The age of flashings. If you have an older property, your current flashings might be susceptible to rust and leaking. When rust appears on metal, it can quickly spread on and weaken the material.
  • Flashing materials. Modern flashings are available in numerous materials, including steel, copper and aluminium, affecting maintenance regularity and costs positively.

How We Elevate Your Construction Experience

We form an integral part of the construction industry and would like to see it thrive. With a technical team that boasts valuable experience and insight, we are more than willing to support you with queries and questions or a thorough assessment of what you might need for your next build.

For customer service and support that you cannot match anywhere else, contact us, and we can help you make easy work of your project.