Purlins & Girts


C & Z Purlins

Purlins and Girts are roll-formed from Hi-Tensile Galvanised steel. They are primarily used to provide lightweight, economical, efficient roofing and cladding support systems for framed structures and are available in a range of different sizes and configurations.

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Purlin Accessories

Apex Building Products offer the Easy Lock® strut system which is easy to install and has a comprehensive range of components that are adaptable to all practical applications.



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Purlin Bolts

Purlin Bolts
M12 Size PB1230 standard purlin bolt (grade 4.6)

M16 Size PB1645 standard purlin bolt (grade 4.6)

Fascia Bolts
PB1230 fascia bolt (grade 4.6)


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Choose the Right Girts and Purlins for Your Construction

Girts and purlins are horizontal, structural supports placed lengthways along the structure’s frame to support it and provide fastening points for roof sheets and cladding. It is the same product but called purlins when used in the roof section and girts when used for the walls. The material can be wood or steel, which is often dictated by local supply.

The Benefit of Steel Purlins and Girts

If you’re building a new house or shed, you can choose between wood or steel girts and purlins for the roof and the walls. Both wood and steel have positive and negative aspects that must be considered, but overall, steel purlins and girts are the better option:

  • Steel is not temperature sensitive and is not affected by changes in humidity like wood that constantly expands and contracts as the weather changes. This feature of steel means that it places less stress on the rest of the structure.
  • Using steel for the girts and purlins is more cost-effective in the long run, which quickly negates its higher acquisition cost compared to wood. The steel components are precision manufactured off-site according to engineering specifications, with access holes pre-drilled. Assembly using special bolts is all that’s required at the construction site.
  • Steel is also immune to rot and termites, which means low maintenance. The only real threat is rust, but adequate painting will prevent this from being an issue.

Choose Between C and Z Purlins and Girts

Steel purlins and girts are available in two basic shapes, commonly called “C” and “Z” in the trade. These names are derived from the general shape that resembles those letters. Both types can be inset or outset installed. Knowing which type to use in the steel structure is important for overall strength and is generally specified by the design engineer.

  • C purlins and girts are generally used to shape the structure of the walls and floors of a steel building. The flanges on a C purlin or girt are both of the same size, which means long lengths must be unlapped. Working with C purlins and girts is typically easier than with the Z shape.
  • Z purlins and girts are ideal for forming the structural shape of the roof and walls. The two flanges are of different sizes, allowing sections to fit into each other. This overlapping provides greater load-bearing strength than C purlins.

Why Use Our Steel Girts and Purlins

We manufacture the steel purlins and girts at our factory in Noosaville. We do both standard purlins and custom work according to engineering specifications. Additional benefits of our purlins and girts include:

We use high tensile steel sourced from Australian manufacturers. This ensures that each length leaving our factory is up to code and made for local conditions.
Our girts and purlins are compatible with the Apex Building Supplies Easy Lock®, with the full range of fasteners and accessories available from us.

Ezi-Batten has been manufacturing quality steel battens, purlins, and girts for many years and has built a reputation for excellence in Southeast Queensland with our roll-formed products for the construction industry. Contact us to discuss your steel purlin and girt requirements for your next building project.