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The Ezi Batten Product Range and price list  Effective 1st April 2012

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CB 042                               
The CB042 ceiling batten is designed to support gyprock or firecheck to allow gyprock to be mounted on a secure base to reduce warping and distortion.  The product is suited for either ceilings or walls. 
DFC short clip allows the CB 042 ceiling batten to be attached to rafters giving a gap of up to 90mm for provision of services etc.  The clips are screwed or nailed to rafters or wall studs and the batten clipped in place.  For details follow the link to DFC Short.
RB 038 0.55                        
The RB 038 is a budget priced roof batten that meets all non-cyclonic roofing standards.  It can be supplied either with square cut ends or mitred to make fitting to hips and valleys.  The product is designed to compliment all styles of metal roofing. link to roof battens
RB 43 055                           
The RB 055 roof batten is designed to meet all non-cyclonic roofing standards.  It has a very wide top to the batten making it very easy to ensure that the roof screw hits the roof batten.              Link to Roof battens
RB 43 075                                                 
The RB 075 is fully approve for use in cyclone areas and has been successfully subjected to the Low-High-Low cyclone testing regime by the James Cook university Cyclone Testing station.       link to roof battens
TH 61 series     
The TH 61 top hat series is an ideal product for roofing and walls of domestic sheds and garages.  The light weight and high strength allows spans of up to 3 metres in roofing applications. The product is supplied in a choice of 3 gauges depending on the structural requirement.  Engineering information and span tables are shown on the link to TH 61 series
TH 96  series   
The TH 96 top hat series is an excellent product for medium sized structures.  Its inherent strength and rigidity allows spans of up to 5 metres.  The product is available in 3 gauges depending on structural needs. For more information follow the link to TH 96 series
TH 125  series
The TH 125 top hat series is Ezi Batten's flagship product for structures and projects ranging from floor joist applications that allow spans of more than 3 metres and roofing and wall application that allows spans of more than 7 metres.  The product is available on 3 gauges depending on structural requirements. For more information follow the link to TH 125 series

Blanmore Test Laboratories
We are pleased to offer a service to manufacturers and users for Low-High-Low cyclone test regimes for roofing products and assemblies. The Test Laboratory is run in conjunction with John Towler RPEQ No. 4562.   For more information follow the link to Blanmore Test Laboratory  For an application form for testing products click here
HiTen portals frames and joist building systems
Ezi Batten Pty Ltd proudly distributes the Hiten joists and purlins.  This unique, patented system provides very wide spans to be achieved with a light weight and cost effective structure.  An efficient portal frame is available which is easy to handle, erect and finish.  This product is ideally suited for serious professionals and individuals to erect sheds of very large capacity.
Roofing Products   click here
Ezi Batten supplies high quality corrugated steel roofing and walling sheets in Colorbond and Zincalume.  Material can be in 0.42mm gauge or 0.48mm.  A full range of accessories such as guttering, fascia and ridge cap material. All materials can be cut to length.
Structural Steel  click here
A full range of C and Z channel is available together with RHS and SHS galvanised steel for posts and bearers.

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